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Our 2024 theme is "Tribute to Bill Murray"!
(Hey, we parade on Groundhog Day, right?)

Choose  one of many movies that include Bill Murray, and check Reserved Themes to see if it is already reserved. If reserved, ask to join the krewe with the movie theme you love. We also have a krewe of MoonPies with a simple costume that you and yours can join. Flambeaux are free and a great way to light up our parade!

If your legal name is Bill Murray, you can march free with proof of ID. You buy MoonPies to throw.

If you are THE ONE, THE ONLY BILL MURRAY, the actor, you and yours march FREE WITH FREE MOONPIES! Call Cap'n Tom to join the Krewe of Bill Murrays: 404-401-9966

Reserved Sub-Krewe themes

To reserve your own sub-krewe theme, submit a $50 deposit, applied to your fee totals, submit 1 Marcher fee, or submit 1 membership fee by clicking on Join Now. Then choose you favorite movie with Bill Murray. Hurry, join now to reserve yours, or ask to join one of these! Themes already selected include:

Reserved Themes:

The Jungle Book - Captain: Charlotte Collins (accepts others to join)

Ghost Busters - Captain: Sharon Delong

The Nerds- Captain: Nicole Smith

Caddy Shack- Captain: Queen Sonia Valencia and Pam Breaux

Kingpin- Captain: King Michael Reed

Groundhog Day- Captain: Suzie Hunt

Stripes- Captain: Patrick Heim

I Feel Good, I feel great, I feel wonderful- Captain: Doug Clarke

Life Aquatic- Captain: Kelsey Fourcade

Zombieland- Nick Pollack

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