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Join a Sub-Krewe

We have various sub-krewes with different themes. Call Cap'n Tom to request being a MoonPie, flambeaux, or a marcher in an existing sub-krewe. 404-401-9966;

See details below.

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Create a Sub-Krewe

Gather your family and friends, come up with your own sub-theme interpreting our  yearly theme in your own way. Then decorate a wagon, grocery cart or any push/pull float which will display your sub-theme and hold your throws and libations. To learn more, see below or call Cap'n Tom at 404-401-9966;

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Heading 1

Heading 1

Sub-krewe Options

Be a Flambeau for Free

Join the Krewe of MoonPies.

We help with the easy MoonPie costume design! You may decorate a wagon or cart to hold your MoonPies & libations (or not). We throw NO BEADS, nor MoonPie knock-offs please! Please call Cap'n Tom for more info.

Be a Flambeaux for free! We provide the equipment. All you need is a belt, dew rag or headdress and toga. We throw NO BEADS nor MoonPie knock-offs please! Please call Cap'n Tom for more info.

Join an existing krewe of someone you know, or call Tom Collins for krewes accepting members. We throw NO BEADS nor MoonPie knock-offs please!

Create you own krewe with your own peeps by selecting a theme not already reserved. Reserving themes requires one Membership or Marcher Fee or a Deposit of $50 to be applied to Fee. You will need a Sub-Krewe Captain to message the members as you plan. We throw NO BEADS nor MoonPie knock-offsplease!

Sponsor us! Please click on Sponsors tab for details. Our HERO level gets to add their own sub-krewe to our parade  for free! Please call Cap'n Tom for VIP service! 404-401-9966

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